February 25, 2022

All Market,


As Australians are slowly reverting to living with COVID-19 in the community, and with international borders opening, South Australian Produce Market (SAPML) now understands that the current COVID-19 Omicron Variant is less detrimental to health and recovery if you are fully vaccinated.

SAPML have been collaborating with Health Authorities and Industry specialists with weekly meetings on the latest COVID-19 Variant to keep informed with current procedures and health risks to the Market.

Taking advice from Safe Work Australia, in conjunction with SA Health, SAPML will now reduce Entry Restrictions.

It is important to recognise that the impact and variable strains of COVID-19 has required the Market to adapt with short notice to the updated and ever changing requirements.  We will continue to keep the situation under review and consult with the appropriate authorities as information comes to hand that warrants a change in strategy or response.

SAPML have a policy of our staff being fully vaccinated and Rapid Antigen Tested (RAT) every 72 hours. This has been a very effective strategy and we encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated as the best option of defense against COVID-19, its spread and its long-term impacts on health. We strongly advise that all Market Users consider this strategy and consult with their own employees or Contractors with a view to adopting that same risk management approach. RAT tests will continue to be available for purchase from the Market Administration office at a cost of $8.50 per test.

Effective immediately these are the (amended) Rules of Entry:

  1. If you’re unwell do not enter. Market Officials have the right at any time to request a RAT test or prohibit entry at their full discretion
  2. Wearing of masks continues to be mandatory inside stores and High Risk settings
  3. The Market Trading Floor requires masks to be worn where social distancing is not practicable, together with hand sanitising requirements
  4. Businesses within the market must have a written Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for their employees and workers AND must provide it upon request by an Authorised Officer of SAPML.
  5. COVID-19 Vaccination status will be updated every 12 months as part of the induction process. Subject to any new legislative changes, vaccination will not be mandatory within the Market.
  6. Under the new Safe Work Australia (SWA) guidelines, the requirement of visitors and unvaccinated market users to provide a RAT test every 72 hours is no longer required.
  7. Unvaccinated market users with Access ID Cards will be allowed entry under the amended conditions.

For the protection of SAPML employees, we have a BCP which outlines our response to a pandemic.  We ask that everyone, in the exercise of their own work health and safety duties in the market, immediately prepare and communicate their own BCP to reduce any covid-19 outbreaks that may occur in the future.

SA Health or Safe Work SA may at any time call on businesses within the Market to produce their BCP. These must be always kept readily available and relevant.

You can find examples of a BCP using the following links:

Food South AustraliaClick here

SAPML Click here

Or you can request a copy of SAPML’s BPC for a more detailed approach to COVID-19 management.

SAPML have taken all reasonable steps to provide a safe place for their employee and the market community in common areas, however the responsibility is on Wholesalers and Tenants to manage COVID-19 within their workplace. We are reminded that under the WHS Act 2012 we shall provide a safe working environment for workers that is reasonable and practicable.

As we are living in a forever changing environment, the above rules are subject to change at any time at the full discretion of SAPML Management.

Kind Regards

Angelo Demasi

Chief Executive Officer




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Additional Resources

Business SA

As the impacts of COVID-19 were beginning to signal serious ramifications for South Australia, Business SA instigated an industry summit to bring together representatives of a broad range of associations and community organisations to discuss a path through the crisis.

Business SA, South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invited SAPML’s CEO Angelo Demasi to participate.  A Summit Report has now been published. Read the Business SA Summit Report 


As a first point of reference – please visit the PIRSA Covid-19 Resource Page

Tax Assistance

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will implement a series of administrative measures to assist Australians experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit the ATO website for further details.

SAPML COVID-19 Plans and Documents