A “Visitor” means

a Person, other than a Buyer (including a Buyer with Warehouse Facilities), Wholesaler,Grower or Grower Agent, who is lawfully permitted to enter the Market for a purpose other than buying Goods, limited to 12 visits per annum after which time the Person must apply for an Access / ID Card in the manner set out in these Market Rules.

Visitor Site Safety Rules

  1. All visitors are to report to the Gatehouse on arrival to receive a day/night safety vest and visitors pass. Upon leaving the market site they must return their vest and pass to the gatehouse and sign out.
  2. Visitors must be aware of the emergency evacuation procedures.
  3. Please follow the instructions provided by SAPM personnel in all aspects of safety.
  4. All near misses, incident, hazards, injuries and or dangerous activities must be reported to a Market Official, NS Security, or the Gatehouse.
  5. Visitors must be escorted by their host at all times and are not to proceed into the market areas unaccompanied.
  6. Visitors are not permitted to drive vehicles around the premises (other than to a designated carpark) without permission of SAPM management.
  7. Vehicles are to be parked in designated spaces as instructed by any SAPM staff, Market Official or NS Security.
  8. Speed limits and traffic directional requirements must be obeyed as signposted.
  9. Visitors must use the designated pedestrian walkways only and be aware of all motor vehicle and forklift activity around them at all times.
  10. Enclosed footwear and a day/night safety vest that complies with Australian standards AS/NZS 1906 &  must be worn at all times whilst on site.
  11. Please comply with all safety awareness signs throughout the site at all times.
  12. In accordance with the SAPM Operating Articles & Market Rules:

12.1. Unaccompanied children are not permitted onto the Premises.

12.2. Any children brought onto the Premises must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a Personover 18 years of age who holds a current Access / IDcard.

12.3. Any Person supervising and accompanying a child or children must ensure that other users of the site are not inconvenienced by the child or children’s presence

12.4. Children are prohibited from entering onto:

(a) the common areas (roadways, parking areas) except when transiting to and from a Lessee or Licensee’s leased or Licensed premises; and/or

(b) any area on the Land where Vehicles (including forklifts) operate; and/or

(c) any area on the Land where there is a reason ably foreseeable risk of injury associated with the operations or activities being carried out in the area.

  1. Visitors must not interfere with or attempt to use plant and equipment, including mobile equipment.
  2. Visitors must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. SAPM reserves the right toundertake random drug and alcohol testing. Refusal equals ejection from site.
  3. Behaviour that offends, intimidates, humiliates or discriminates others is strictly forbidden.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in any of the enclosed areas.
  5. Failure to agree by the above rules may result in a sanction being given and/or ejection from the market.