To promote shareholder’s interests through the provision of modern and innovative market facilities and services.


SAPML requires a set of values that define the principles, standards and behaviours of the organisation. The principles, standards and behaviours of employees and ongoing interaction with shareholders, customers, suppliers and the people of South Australia are governed by these values.

Innovation Focus

Innovation is required to meet the changing needs of Market Users. We recognise the importance of all Market Users to the success of our business and will work in consultation with them to ensure that our facilities and services meet their needs and support their business viability and growth.

Shareholder Value

Our aim is to deliver positive and sustainable results to shareholders.


Our market traders supply the freshest Produce all year round.


We are locally owned and the majority of our operators are local family businesses selling a range of locally grown produce.

High Quality Modern Contemporary

Our Market is the main wholesale fresh produce market for SA supplying 60% of the State’s needs. We must always maintain a high quality modern facility and ensuring Market traders supply high quality produce all year round.


As the State’s wholesale market, we must always act professionally and maintain a reputation for being ethical with all stakeholders. We seek to develop and retain a high level property industry expertise.


We support Australia’s Commitment under the Paris Agreement and will strive to achieve up to 32% reduction in carbon emissions through the Market’s Microgrid and strive to achieve up to 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.


In order to provide value in our brand we must ensure the industry trusts everything we do. This starts from the Board, management and more importantly we need to ensure the traders that trade at the market abide by the Horticultural code of conduct and maintain strict ethics when trading within the Market.

Safe and Healthy Workplace

We maintain a strong focus on providing a safe and healthy workplace and environment for all people who work and attend the Market site. Team Focus The Board of Directors, Management and staff work together as a team and in partnership with customers, suppliers, and Government and industry groups, recognising the benefits that teamwork offers. We are committed to developing the skills of all members of that team.


We must strive to have the most efficient managed market in Australia.

Leadership/ Innovation

We encourage innovation and initiative so that we add value to our customers and position the SAPML to take a leadership role in issues affecting the industry.