Become a Grower at the SA Produce Market

Sell your local grown produce to Wholesalers & Retailers within the South Australian Produce Market precinct with a position in our Growers Shed.

We are South Australia’s Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable market, providing a centralised location for the distribution, buying and selling of fruit and vegetables to the independent retail sector including Foodland, IGA and greengrocers AND the Hospitality, Restaurants and Catering industry in SA.

More than 1200 individuals use the facility every day, including wholesalers, growers, green grocers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, food service operators, transporters, exporters, and so many more.

Who can trade as a Grower?

  • Must have a business as a grower of produce on land not less than 1.5 hectares in South Australia (Stands are licensed for the sale of SA grown produce only)
  • Copy of council rates for the Land
  • Registered ABN
  • Public Liability Insurance of minimum $20Million
  • Employees to complete Site Inductions (instructions on how to do this will be sent once registration is complete)
  • Abide by the Market Regulations (included in Site Induction)

Casual Grower

    • 10 visit Casual Grower Pass which expires after 10 visits or 1 year, whichever occurs first.
    • Fee: $300 plus  GST as of 1 October 2021 (per stand)
    • Stand size 3.5m x 7.5m
    • Stand will be allocated at the Gatehouse upon arrival for each visit

Permanent Grower

    • Growers enter into a Licence Agreement with the South Australian Produce Market Limited (SAPML) for an agreed period of time (not less than 12 months).
    • Fee: $5,771.23 plus GST per annum as of 1 December 2022 (per stand)
    • Stand Size 3.5m x 7.5m
    • Stand will be allocated at signing of Licence Agreement

Grower Delivery

If you are a Grower who only delivers into the Market you can gain access as a Transporter.

As Grower Transport you are only permitted to deliver to Wholesalers at the Market. A list of wholesalers is available under the directory tab.

Wholesale Price Reporting

The wholesale Price Reporting Service is responsible for collecting daily pricing and availability data from wholesalers and growers from within the South Australian Produce Market.

This service is a valuable independent tool for the horticulture industry, especially in those sectors where total impartiality is essential.

Wholesale price reports are used by the industry to validate the price range for produce and growers can also access this information to assess the scope of their returns.

Buyers and growers are the key elements to ensuring the highest level of accuracy and they are also the greatest beneficiaries.

The vast majority of our clients are growers who supply wholesalers based in the South Australian Produce Market.

The process of compiling the market wholesale price report is attained by speaking with sellers and confirming the information with buyers.

This allows for first hand sighting of produce to assist in the correct determination of packaging, description and product classification.

The information is sourced when market trading is being finalised to capture closed sales data and from this, comprehensive reports can be compiled and distributed early on the same day.

The finalised report is sent to Ausmarket in Queensland who collect reports from most other wholesale markets to form a national wholesale price report.

The South Australian information is then on-sold to the Market Fresh SA client base as daily, weekly and monthly reports and can be tailored to a specific product range as required. Historical data is also available on request.

For details, or to subscribe, please contact Wendy

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Grower Registration

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