Fresho, Australia’s largest digital wholesale platform, has launched at the South Australian Produce Market.

Giving members the convenience to manage pre-orders online, from any device, anywhere and anytime, Fresho is a game changer.

It’s easy to use, reduces admin and saves time so you focus on building valuable relationships and growing your business.

What it means for buyers

Before heading to the market, create a buying list in Fresho. Then with a single click,  submit and send all of your orders to wholesalers in one instance. It’s easy. And it’s free. Then as usual, your market wholesalers will organise your produce for delivery and you can go to the market to buy the rest of what you need with your buying list on hand.

Watch how it works.

With all of your pre-orders done in one place using Fresho, you can also reconcile your purchases with your statement from SA Produce Credit to make payments at the end of the week simple.

What it means for wholesalers

Receive orders from buyers directly through Fresho, which seamlessly integrates with your finance system. This means you can conveniently manage everything in one place.

For wholesalers not using Fresho, pre-orders from your buyers who use Fresho will come to you via No action is required from you except to keep an eye out in your inbox.

Sign up now! 

To learn more and sign up, email or text  “Sign up” to 0477 326 564.