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May 6 In Season at the Market

Buying and eating in season produce is good for your nutrition and helps the economy, our seasonal updates are here to lend a hand.

Let us inspire you with just a few of the fresh, locally grown produce now in season at the South Australia Produce Market that you will find at your local fruit and veg store.



Buddha Hand

Yep, you read that right! This week we see the slightly spooky looking Buddha Hand fruit come into season. If you haven’t heard of this interesting variety before, we don’t blame you! Buddha Hand is a citron fruit that has the appearance of a distorted lemon, with long finger looking carpels hanging down (think lemon-coloured calamari). Lacking in juicy flesh, Buddha Hand is usually used for the zest and peel. It also has an incredible, strong lavender-citrus fragrance. It’s mostly used for salad dressings, marinades, baked goods, and drinks.


Navel Oranges

Early season Navel oranges have started to arrive at the market. These Riverland grown oranges have a thick, bright, orange skin and are packed full of flavour and juiciness perfect for eating raw, juicing, or adding to salads. Now is the best time to pick up these natural immunity boosters which are rich in vitamin C, which helps the body produce white blood cells and improves their ability to fight off infections.  Be sure to look out for locally grown Navel oranges when at your fruit and veg store for the whole family to enjoy!

Ecoganic Red Tipped Bananas

Do you know what the red tipped bananas are?  Well, they are “Ecoganic bananas” meaning they are dipped in a red food grade wax to symbolise that the bananas are grown using the Australian-pioneered Ecoganic farming method that uses environmental management systems and sustainable production practices to reduce environmental footprints – how great is that!   These bananas are harvested by hand, as well as washed and waxed dipped by hand, and the pallets are then placed in a special cool room for 24-48 hours before being transported.  So if its a healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly banana you want to enjoy, be sure to look out for these red tipped Ecoganic bananas!


Bravo Apples

Bravo apples have a vibrant burgundy skin that makes them stand out.  With their sweet flavour and moderate crisp and crunch, they are sure to please.  With a high concentration of flavonoids, not only are they excellent for your health, but unlike other apples, their flesh is ultra slow to turn brown which is a great addition to your grazing boards and cheese platters. Being a medium-sized apple with good storing, they are also a healthy snack or addition to lunch boxes for the whole family.  Be sure to look out for these “burgundy beauties” in your local fruit and veg store.


You’ll find the best produce inside your local independent fruit & veg stores. Locate your closest store here.And don’t forget to check out Pick a Local, Pick SA Facebook page for the latest news from your local fresh produce experts.