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March 18 In Season at the Market

Buying and eating in season produce is good for your nutrition and helps the economy, our seasonal updates are here to lend a hand.

Let us inspire you with just a few of the fresh, locally grown produce now in season at the South Australia Produce Market that you will find at your local fruit and veg store.

Custard Apples

custard ApplesWhat is a custard apple I hear you ask?  Well, it is in fact a fruit!  This fruit is oval, heartish in shape, with indentations on the tough skin.  The texture inside is creamy and sweet — like… you guessed it: custard, which smells a bit like vanilla.  The best time to enjoy this fruit is during autumn, winter and early summer making custard apples a sweet and tropical treat during many months of the year.  A custard apple is ripe if it gives slightly when gently pressed so look out for these exotic looking fruit at your local fruit and veg store and enjoy!

Autumn Crisp Grapes

Autumn crisp grapes are a white grape variety that is always sweet and juicy with a subtle muscat flavour. They are an extra large grape berry, with a firm crisp texture and have an attractive large cluster.  This variety are great for a healthy snack on their own or included in lunch boxes, fruit salad, smoothies and cheese platters.  As Autumn crisp grapes peak season is February and March, be sure to add these delightful sweet treats to your shopping basket when next at your local fruit and veg store.

Kanzi Apples

Kanzi ApplesLocally grown in the Adelaide Hills, the Kanzi apple has just about hit the Market and will be in your local fruit and veg store form this week.  This variety is known for its crunchy and juicy texture, with a sweet and tangy flavour profile that offers a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness.  These apples are an excellent variety to include in salads, baking, breakfast bowls and on your cheese platters as these apples don’t brown on cutting.  Treat the whole family to the taste sensation of Kanzi apples and look out for them to include in your fruit bowl.

Low Carb Potatoes

Trying to keep your carbohydrate intake down? Why don’t you try low-carb potatoes which have been rising in popularity over the last few years! Low-carb potatoes have come by naturally crossing existing potato varieties and, as a result, produces a potato which contains naturally slower digestive carbs. Filled with nutrients, low-carb potatoes can be used the same as traditional potatoes whether it be for mashing, roasting, boiling, or steaming.

You’ll find the best produce inside your local independent fruit & veg stores. Locate your closest store here.And don’t forget to check out Pick a Local, Pick SA Facebook page for the latest news from your local fresh produce experts.