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June 14 In Season at the Market

Buying and eating in season produce is good for your nutrition and helps the economy, our seasonal updates are here to lend a hand.

Let us inspire you with just a few of the fresh, locally grown produce now in season at the South Australia Produce Market that you will find at your local fruit and veg store.

Avozilla AvocadoAvozilla Avocados

This week we welcome large-and-in-charge Queensland grown Avozilla Avocados into SA. This ginormous variety usually range from 1.2 – 1.7kg each! For context, your regular avocado will weigh around 200 grams. Although at first glance they may look different, they taste almost exactly the same as your standard varieties. They’re an absolute must for your next smashed avocado indulgence, or great for whipping up a party-sized guacamole.

If you don’t finish one of these beauties in one sitting (we can’t blame you for that!) Simply pop the left-over portion in a container with water flesh-side down. Cover, and place in the fridge to keep the avocado from turning brown  – it will be good for approximately another two days. Unfortunately, there’s a limited number available across Australia, so pick one up this week before you miss out!


Wintertime means it’s officially Beetroot Season! These earthy gems are a great source of fibre, folate (vitamin B9), potassium, iron, and vitamin C. They also come with a long list of health benefits including improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and increased exercise performance.

Their versatility is what makes the humble beet a household staple. Whether they’re eaten cooked, raw or pickled you’ll no doubt find a way to convert most beetroot avoiders. Their great range of vibrant colours makes them a beautiful addition to your next dinner event, coming in a range of colours like, yellow, white, pink, or dark purple.

To combat their earthy and bitter flavour, pair your Beetroots with bright, sweet and fresh flavours. Attempt these Red Velvet Beetroot Pancakes this weekend for a hidden veggie-boost to your kids’ diet.


While you can pretty much get your hands on potatoes all year round, right now SA grown varieties are ready to eat! Not only are they extremely versatile (and consistently delicious) they also contain loads of vitamins like B6, C, E, K as well as potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. They can also boost heart health, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and maintain fluid balance as well! (Like we need more reasons to eat them more often!).

They’re best stored in a cool, dry place, but don’t worry if you see your last few neglected spuds growing little sprouts – You can still eat them when they’re like this! Simply remove the sprouts and prepare as usual, however once they start shrivelling and wrinkling, they’ve lost most of their nutrients.

Make sure you’re leaving the skins on to get event more nutrients out of your potatoes. One way to enjoy them like this is with this A Better Choice ‘Air Fryer Baked Potatoes’ recipe. Check it out!

‘Star Ruby’ Grapefruit

Riverland ‘Star Rudy’ Grapefruits have just hit the market floor and we’re excited about it! This sweet yet tart citrus fruit is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. Additionally, they’re an excellent source of vitamins A and C. As a result of crossing a pomelo and an orange, the fruit gained its name “grapefruit” because they grow in clusters, similar to grapes.

Their rind is yellow-orange with a blush of rose indicating ripeness. You can determine how sweet/sour your grapefruit is likely to be from the deep colour of the rind and from how heavy the fruit is. If it feels heavier than it should be, chances are you’ve picked up an extra sweet grapefruit.

Star Ruby grapefruit has the darkest flesh of all the red grapefruit varieties. In fact, the redder the flesh the sweeter the flavour. The ruby red pulp is juicy with a sweet-tart flavour and contains few, if any, seeds.


The humble carrot is available all year round so what better time to shine a spotlight on our locally grown varieties harvested straight out of the Northern Adelaide Plains. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, providing more than 200% of your daily requirement in just one carrot! They also double as a great natural immunity booster, which is extra important at this time of year.

Add them in your next vegetable soup or roast dinner to reap the health-rewards. It doesn’t matter if they’re eaten raw, roasted, steamed or mashed.

You’ll find the best produce inside your local independent fruit & veg stores. Locate your closest store here. And don’t forget to check out Pick a Local, Pick SA Facebook page  or the latest news from your local fresh produce experts.