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July 4 In Season at the Market

Buying and eating in season produce is good for your nutrition and helps the economy, our seasonal updates are here to lend a hand.

Let us inspire you with just a few of the fresh, locally grown produce now in season at the South Australia Produce Market that you will find at your local fruit and veg store. 


With the winter weather in full swing, we are all looking for ways to maintain good health and incorporate great flavour as well.  Good news!  South Australian grown blueberries are in season and have a sweet taste and are so good for you.  Regarded as a superfood, these little beauties are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals making them one of the healthiest fruits around.  This versatile fruit can be eaten as a healthy snack on their own or added to smoothies, muffins or added into a superfood breakfast bowl.  Be sure to add these to your shopping basket for the whole family to enjoy and benefit the health aspects of blueberries.


Baby Carrots

This week we thought we would shine a spotlight on South Australian grown baby carrots. As they are grown all year round, eating carrots is a great way to incorporate essential vitamins and minerals into your diet. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, which is essential for good vision, skin health, and a strong immune system. In addition to their health benefits, baby carrots are versatile and can be eaten raw, cooked, roasted or blended into soups, stir fry and smoothies. They can also be added to sweet and savory dishes, making them a delicious addition to any meal.



New season Tangelos have just arrived at the market.  Did you know that a Tangelo is a combination of a mandarin and grapefruit but have a sweet, tart and tangy taste as well as being deliciously juicy.  Tangelos are full of both vitamin C and A making them a healthy snack or great for salads, juices, cakes and muffins.  Be sure to look out for them which can be recognised as round to slightly bell-shaped, about the size of a baseball, with a characteristic “nipple” at the end where it attaches to the stem.


Red Onion

Who doesn’t have the staple red onion in their pantry?  These purplish-red onions are available all year round, and they are such a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw in many salads, salsas and dips or sauteed in stir fry, fajitas, pastas and pizzas. You can also “pickle” red onion which is delicious on sandwiches and burgers.  The options are endless! The health benefits of the trusty red onion is also impressive with red onions being full of sulfur compounds that protect the body from ulcers and various cancers. They can also fight bacteria in the urinary tract.  Be sure to include these in your weekly shop to add flavour and zest to your weekly meals.


You’ll find the best produce inside your local independent fruit & veg stores. Locate your closest store here.And don’t forget to check out Pick a Local, Pick SA Facebook page for the latest news from your local fresh produce experts.