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February 5 In Season at the Market

Buying and eating in season produce is good for your nutrition and helps the economy, our seasonal updates are here to lend a hand.

Let us inspire you with just a few of the fresh, locally grown produce now in season at the South Australia Produce Market that you will find at your local fruit and veg store.


White Seedless Ivory Grapes

White seedless Ivory grapes are an early season ripening variety, producing extra large, uniform green seedless berries with a crisp texture and sweet neutral flavour.   To maintain the crisp texture of these grapes, it’s best to store them in a container in the fridge crisper drawer.   Although grapes are a high-fructose fruit, they are also packed full of vitamins, minerals, potassium and fibre which make then a convenient and healthy snack on the run or packed in lunch boxes.   White seedless Ivory grapes are also great to compliment a fruit salad, cheese board or try making them into a refreshing sorbet.


Ruby Red Grapefruit

The Ruby Red grapefruit is one of the most popular red varieties of grapefruit as it is known for its vibrant red colour, which is a result of the fruit’s high levels of lycopene, a potent antioxidant. Like many citrus fruits, grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C and A which are nutrients shown to help boost your body’s immune system.  Ruby Red grapefruit is sweeter than other grapefruit types, making it an excellent choice for people who don’t like the bitter taste of traditional grapefruit. It’s also seedless, making it easy to eat and enjoy.  Ruby Red grapefruit can be enjoyed as part of your breakfast regime for a low calorie, healthy start to your day or added to many salads for that extra colour, sweetness and zing!


Mushrooms are a great source of protein, fibre, antioxidants and a great substitute for red meat.  Also being rich in Vitamin B, folate and macronutrients, they help the body utilize energy from the food we consume and produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Mushrooms can be incorporated in so many recipes including risotto, stroganoff, quiche, pasta, mushroom gravy and soup just to name a few.  For a fantastic vegetarian meal, try mushroom fajitas – simply combine olive oil, mushrooms, red onion, capsicum with a squeeze of lime juice and top up your tortilla.  You can add guacamole on top if you desire – delicious!


Edible Flowers

This week at the market we spotted colourful edible flowers which are a delightful fusion of culinary art and nature’s bounty. These vibrant blooms not only captivate the eyes with their kaleidoscope of colours but also tantalize the taste buds, offering a unique and diverse range of flavours. From the delicate sweetness of violets to the peppery zing of nasturtiums, edible flowers provide chefs and home cooks alike with a creative palette to elevate dishes to new heights. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, many of these blossoms boast nutritional benefits, packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and other health-promoting compounds.


You’ll find the best produce inside your local independent fruit & veg stores. Locate your closest store here.And don’t forget to check out Pick a Local, Pick SA Facebook page for the latest news from your local fresh produce experts.