The South Australian Produce Market

The South Australian Produce Market is the premier fresh produce wholesale market for the state where over 250,000 tonnes of fresh produce with a wholesale value of over $590M is traded between our wholesalers, growers and retail operators every year. The market offers various value add services through our associated businesses including Crunch Bunch mascots, daily supply and price monitoring, inspection and quality control, banking and credit service facilities, in-store promotion and multi-media advertising, unloading and pallet management.

The market provides a rich environment that fosters competitive trade and efficient distribution and market forces determine the prices. With an estimated 10,000 individuals accessing the market site each week, the market offers freedom of choice, with an extensive range of product variety, quality and price and provides users with access to a large customer base and the ability to develop business and industry contacts by providing a unique environment that promotes healthy and open competition.

Market operations are complex, with masses of highly perishable fresh produce passing through each day which is consumed locally, nationally and now internationally.

For this reason the market facilities have been planned and constructed to receive, store, trade and distribute highly perishable fresh fruit and vegetables in the most efficient manner available to meet the ever increasing demand.

South Australian Produce Market seeks to educate the community through our associated businesses and programs about the health benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables with the objective to increase consumption which ultimately benefits the entire industry.

Wholesale Markets Role

Wholesale markets are situated throughout the world and offer a structured trading environment where all industry sectors are able to meet and collectively trade. Within Australia there are six wholesale markets, predominantly one operating in each state.

Wholesale markets play a significant role within Australia’s horticulture industry as the major distribution point of the nation’s fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. The majority of Australia’s fresh produce is either traded or transhipped through Australia’s wholesale markets providing a critical link within the industry involving growers, wholesalers, retailers and associated industry groups.