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Horticultural Industry Welcomes New Measures In The Fight To Eradicate Fruit Fly in South Australia

Horticultural Industry Welcomes New Measures In The Fight To Eradicate Fruit Fly in South Australia

 MEDIA RELEASE | September 2, 2021

Following months of strict protocols, with increased costs to industry, in an effort to eradicate fruit fly, Industry welcomes the Government’s initiatives this week to introduce sterile fly drops in the fight against fruit fly.

Angelo Demasi, Chair Horticulture Coalition of SA, said. “We support and commend the Government’s Commitment to the ongoing efforts in eradicating Fruit fly in SA. Spring brings the increased movement of fruit fly and it is critical we are doing everything possible as the weather warms up.”

We further commend the Government in trialling ‘FreeDome’, an innovative approach from Israel-based company BioFeed specifically designed to fight fruit fly, the trial will be an Australian first.

Consumers purchasing fruit from a retailer can be rest assured that fruit should be free of fruit fly. Industry, in conjunction with government, invests significantly in rigorous systems to ensure this is the case.

With the Government and Industry investing in the eradication process there are also fresh calls for residents to ensure they are following protocols for home grown fruit.

“It is important that we all work together to protect the industry,” Angelo Demasi said, “Homegrown fruit poses a threat and we encourage all gardeners to protect South Australia by following the guidelines for an outbreak area.”

The South Australian horticultural industry is a critical business sector for South Australia. The industry consists of 3,500 businesses employing an estimated 13,500 permanent and an additional 24,000 seasonal staff and contributing more than $3.4 billion in gross food revenue to the South Australian economy.



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