The South Australian Produce Market Limited (SAPML) is continuing to closely monitor and manage its response to the COVID-19 situation in compliance with the law and the advice and direction of government authorities.

SAPML Board Meeting Deliberation  – COVID-19

At the last SAPML Board meeting, the Board has agreed to meet on an ongoing weekly basis in regard to COVID-19. The following resolutions have been deliberated. The SAPML Board:

  • would like to work with Tenants in these unprecedented times;
  • will be considering our financial response, amongst other things
  • will assist in keeping affected Tenants trading as much as possible;
  • will be considering the Federal Government and State Governments pending announcements in relation to Landlords and Tenants relief and this will need to be made clear before we finalise our position for those affected traders.

Each Tenants circumstance will differ and all negotiations MUST be completed on a confidential and individual basis and will be required to provide a letter outlining their reasons as to why they are seeking assistance. Any rent relief will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Proactive Response

The health and well-being of our staff and the Market Community remains our highest priority.

SAPML has taken a proactive response to COVID-19. We were the first Market in Australia to introduce health screening and temperature checking some three weeks ago, we are pleased to see other businesses are now implementing this practice.

Whilst we implemented the manual Health Screening Form as an interim measure, over the past two weeks we have been working with a workplace App developer, Sine, to develop a digital solution.

We will continue to be proactive in our actions and take all necessary precautions.

Digital Health Screening

SAPML have been working on streamlining the Digital Health Screening process in line with regulations and requirements using an online platform.

This week, we have carried out the final stages of testing for our ‘online platform’ and will commence rolling this out next week.

This initiative will eventually remove the need for handling of Forms at entry points, reducing touch points and risk of infection.

The online platform gives you the ability to complete the Health Screening Form on your mobile phone, tablet or computer and can be completed prior to entry or once you arrive. Although a temperature reading is required upon each arrival, the completed Form will be valid for a period of 12 hours.

For those that do not have access to the online platform, a paper Health Screening Form will still be accepted.

Step by step instructions will be communicated to all Market Users early next week.

Working with State Government (PIRSA)

PIRSA have played a lead role in coordinating the Agricultural industry response to COVID-19.

Over the last three weeks, I have been playing an active role in communicating with senior State Government executives across Primary Production, Bio-Security, Health and SAPOL through the newly formed Agriculture COVID-19 Management Group. I have been meeting with the Group and other industry leaders twice a week by teleconference.

If you have any concerns or questions relating to COVID-19 that you would like me to raise with the Group, please contact me at

PIRSA Web Portal

One of the first initiatives the Industry were needing was clarification with regard to information overload from the various groups, Federal and State jurisdictions.

I am pleased to inform that PIRSA have now launched an excellent “one-stop online resource”  that covers key information relevant to our industry.

On March 5, SAPML launched a COVID-19 resource section on our website portal to assist Market Users and the Horticulture Industry with up to date information in relation to COVID-19.

We have now reconstructed our web portal to provide a direct link to the new PIRSA portal which has all you need to know about COVID-19.

PIRSA are committed to keeping information regarding COVID-19 up to date and provide a single source for essential information.  You can visit the site by clicking here

Responding to a Positive COVID-19 Result

Whilst every precaution is taken to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 within the Market Community, SAPML and the Agriculture and Food Industry are continuing to work closely with PIRSA to provide businesses with information should a positive COVID-19 result is found at your location.

I would encourage you to familiarise yourself with the attached copy of the document.

Angelo Demasi

Chief Executive Officer


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Additional Resources


As a first point of reference – please visit the PIRSA Covid-19 Resource Page

Tax Assistance

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will implement a series of administrative measures to assist Australians experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit the ATO website for further details.

SAPM COVID-19 Plans and Documents

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